w00t!! w00t!!!

Dear Merval,

Congratulations on recently completing your 100th SETI@home
workunit. Through your support, SETI@home has grown to become the largest
distributed computation on Earth. We at SETI@home greatly appreciate the
0.18 years of computer time you have donated to the project, and hope
that you will continue your support. As a small token of our
appreciation, you may now download and print an official certificate stating your
achievement of this goal, available at:


Thank you again for your contribution.


The SETI@home Team

I am proud of myself

I have slimmed down and lost weight and I’m so proud of myself. I went from weighing 285 pounds at the beginning of the year to weighing 257. I have lost fat and gained muscle….if you have seen me lately you may have noticed a slight change in my size…..I’m not as “fat” but still Patrick keeps nagging the fact that he and I are the same. well there is one difference between me and him….I am losing fat and gaining muscle and toning….all he does is lose water weight and he thinks of himself higher then the rest of us…….i find that kinda stupid but whatever…..I’m still gonna get to at least 240 maybe less if I think its possible.
– Merval