So, If it all ended tomorrow………

This is a clip from John Cena’s “You can see me” CD.

“I realize life is short so I’m markin the day
Now it’s full speed ahead, I’ll rest when I’m dead
And I could give a Fuck what the next man said
I live how I wanna live
Buy what I wanna buy
Do what I wanna do
Try What I wanna try
Fear nothin, take chances
Not afraid to fail, always makin advances
So when I ride on the Grim Reaper Highway
No regrets bitch, I did it my way”

Basically saying, I realized that my life is sitting idle. I haven’t done things that would make me a better person. So now is a better time then ever to start climbing back up that ladder. Things will only get easier. My past? I have this to say,

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