Well It’s Monday!

That’s right people. It is MONDAY! the start of another long week, and in some cases spring break. This weekend went by pretty fast but it was an AMAZING weekend! Sunday I stayed home and did pretty much nothing. Saturday on the other hand was pretty frickin cool! I went to the Living Hope Orchards Campus with Joseph, Damian and Patrick and made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.
peanut butter jelly time

Then we went into downtown portland and found homeless people and gave them 60-ish sandwiches we then gave the other 40-ish to the skaters at the burnside  skate park.  It was pretty awesome.

While we were doing that Patrick and I noticed this weird gathering of people dressed in garb and people tied to shopping carts, with rope. We stopped to ask what was going on and the guy laughed at us and said, “You guys aren’t from around here are ya?” to which we said no. He explained it was the Urban Iditarod (AKA The Drunk Iditarod) We did however see Zombies……Where is Shane and his Zombie killing expertise! lol these guys were freaky looking too. We even saw people with Double Dare shirts and the helmets with the little cups. It was awesome.

But I was lookin around the internet and found this……



Houston, we have a problem. The Zombies are walking around WITH us!!

This looks like a job for……..*ahem* someone raise their hand! lol.

Anyways thats my little bit for Monday! I am going to try to get videos and such on here! 🙂


– Dan

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