Office Coffee.

I’ve worked in several office environments and seen several kinds of coffee, Everything from starbucks pre-ground coffee to the cheapest crap they could find. All of which didn’t taste good. They all have the same kinds of creamer "Vanilla" and "Hazelnut" either powder or the never goes bad "goop" that you pump into your cup. I don’t understand why people drink this crap. To make office coffee drinkable you have to add lots of sugar and creamer, at which point you can’t even taste the coffee… you might as well just drink sugared milk!

I found the perfect creamer that makes this office coffee drinkable. Vanilla Caramel. It hides that "blech" taste that the office coffee has and it give it a bit of a sugar kick with the caramel 🙂

I am happy this morning 🙂

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