Insomnia… What a bitch it is…

Something I don’t understand is when I am awake mid-day and going about my usual things and I start to get really tired and then it passes after a few minutes and i’m fine. Then later in the evening when I actually want to sleep…. I can’t. So.. I’m stuck taking Tylenol PM to induce sleep, I used to be able to fall asleep super easy. Back in my LAN days I could stay up for days playing video games and then sleep it all off and be fine in 8 hours, now here I am stuck trying to convince my body it should fall asleep. I feel like i’m trying to fool my body into doing something unnatural like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. or jumping off a bridge with a giant rubber band strapped to my ankles.. *sigh* I just wish that when I looked at the clock and realized it’s about time I go to sleep that my body would respond, not have me laying in bed staring up at the ceiling wide awake.

*shakes my fist* Damn you body! You will do as I wish.. even if I have to medicate the crap out of you.. you are going to sleep tonight.

blah blah. See you on the other side.

So.. Merval.Org

So I re-launched the other day and I really don’t know what I want to do with it.. I did not own the domain for several years as some guy bought it up the moment I allowed it to expire, I didn’t have the money to renew it. When I did enough money to renew the domain I contacted the guy who bought it (or a secretary of the guy.. it was weird) . He was asking me for 500 dollars to buy the domain back. Had I REALLY generated that much buzz in the prior 3 years I owned the domain? hardly. I think I had something like 200 – 400 unique hits a month. Which isn’t anything to write home about.

My other domain, gets somewhere in the range of 500~ a month. I don’t know what this guy was thinking trying to sell me a domain I owned for 500 dollars, maybe he saw something in the domain I didn’t? I know there is a company overseas called Merval and they own… wow nevermind, I just checked and they don’t own the domain anymore. Godaddy is auctioning the domain off for $100 dollars.. It expires in June. I wonder how many have bid on it… *looking* hah 0 people. It has been viewed by 5 people. The domain should have some importance since ( it is a stock exchange in Buenos Aire ( …. Not too sure why they let that domain expire.. I’m going to keep my eye on that and see if anyone bids.

Back to Merval.Org. I’m having a hard time finding what I want to do with it. I don’t blog that often and when I actually blog I do it here (livejournal). I will sit here and drink my coffee and ponder the thought.

Thanks for reading!