s’more thoughts.

July 23, 2009. The last time I saw my grandmother, the reason being she is a very selfish person who only cared about herself and getting her way at my wedding. She was telling me who she was bringing to my wedding and I refused one of her invites (my drunk asshole uncle) and she got bent out of shape and said she was bringing him. That really caused stress among my wife and I. The day of the wedding I had my groomsmen looking for my uncle to ensure he didn’t show up. Not only did he not show up, none of the men in my family (aside from my grandmothers brother) showed up. Turns out my grandfather (who could care less about my uncle) was upset because I had not invited my uncle and so he stayed home. Long story short, she left early because from what I could tell she hadn’t been drinking and everyday at 4:30 (roughly) she starts drinking beer and thus getting drunk, well this was 7pm and she was sober, I could see it in her eyes she was practically in panic mode because she hadn’t started drinking and so I assume she left for that reason. Well, everyone had been pushing for me to contact her, so I did.

About a week ago I wrote her a letter and mailed (snail mail) it to her. I have yet to get any kind of response back from her. I wasn’t rude or anything in the letter. I laid out exactly why I feel the way I do and explained to her how I felt when she did what she did. I have yet to hear back.. Sort of my point exactly, she didn’t get her way and i noted in the letter I am never going to be in the same area as my uncle, she treats him like a golden child… He is 46 (ish.. not sure, don’t really care) and he still lives at home. He can’t hold a job because of his alcoholic tendencies. So she takes care of him and babies him, with my noting how I will never be around him and refuse to have my children around him when I have children I am sure she won’t write me back because if I wont accept him, than she won’t accept me. So to that, I say “Adiós, lindo saber que usted y gracias por todo lo que hiciste.”

I’ve gone 2 years without seeing her, and I could go the rest of my life. I have forgiven her for what she did a long time ago. I will not however allow my children to be around my uncle, he is very demeaning and rude person who cares only about himself… (sounds a lot like my grandmother no?..)

Anyway, I’m outta here. It’s late.

Buenas noches mis amigos