WWE Raw 7/25/2011

I don’t know about you, but tonight just didn’t feel all that important. Having a title match first thing really took away from the importance of the show, I’m sure there were people who wanted to see Rey Vs Miz… But first up? Usually First up is held for mid-card matches.  I was totally expecting Triple H to come out first and do his little speech, would have made sense.. Seeing the return of John Morrison was pretty good, considering he was limping along the rumor of when he was coming back on twitter and other social media platforms, I read rumors he would be back sooner rather than later but not this soon, glad to see they are keeping the angle with R-Truth and him alive.

I think I speak for all WWE fans when I say THANK GOD J.R. is back!! I knew it would happen, just didn’t know when. If you have followed the story, Ross has a Palsy attack awhile back and had to be taken off the road and go through recovery due to the effects on his body from the attack, if you read his blog over at jrsbarbq.com he mentions from time to time how is doing on a health basis. He made mention of him returning but didn’t mention when.. (obviously because of storyline and his honestly not knowing when) Here’s to hoping that Cole gets stuck doing the Smackdown Gig.

The whole show I waited for the sighting of CM Punk, I hate that they had Punk come out right at the end, literally in the last 45 seconds of the show he walks out. For this viewer, it didn’t fulfill the hype around CM Punk, he has literally been everywhere.. he showed up at Comic Con over the weekend and at an AAW Wrestling event (scroll to 2:45 to see Punk..AAW is an indy promotion) which led me to believe that WWE was letting him make appearances to further make the story line feel real, which it did. WWE has a strict rule about talent showing up on other promotions.

I personally was hoping for some kind of interference during the the Rey Vs John match from Punk.. like him walking out in the crowd to live up to the “left the company” angle, only to jump the rail and get involved and have Hunter come out and mention that he forgot to mention he resigned Punk and that next week would be Champ Vs. Champ.

Here is where I feel WWE really screwed up, You have two championship matches for nothing, and with Punk walking out at the end of the show that made the whole thing (including the series last week) feel obsolete. But at the same time from a creative stand point they needed to have a time fill. I really hope that the creative team does this angle justice and gives Punk a little more free reign over what he does.

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Since I first heard about TNA and started watching their product, I have been left feeling a bit miffed. The talent at TNA is great, especially the X division! But TNA as a whole is starting to feel a lot like a really bad WCW copy. I mean they have Flair, Hogan and Bischoff.. Their whole M.O. is to take already well established talent from WWE and other promotions.. 75%~ of the TV show revolves around Hogan and Bischoff.

In the day, WCW was cutting edge and broke new ground each week. They created some amazing moments and did things that WWE wasn’t willing to. During the monday night wars, WCW lead the rating war because of the creative talent within the company, mainly Bischoff and the nWo. Sadly Hogan and Bischoff show up in TNA and create this group called Immortal.. basically the nWo with a different name. They come rolling out to the ring as a huge group just like they did in WCW. The whole thing just feels like a horrible copy.

The biggest problem I have with TNA at the moment is Vince Russo as Head Writer, when he entered WCW the company basically fell to its knees. Don’t get me wrong, Russo wrote some amazing stuff in WWE back in the 90’s. He helped create the Attitude era.. Problem is, I think he ran his tank dry in doing so and is now just a shell of what he once was.

I have been reading and listening to iwantwrestling.com quite a bit recently, in my opinion Dave Lagana and some of the former WWE writers would breathe fresh air into TNA.. some of the stuff TNA is doing just doesn’t make for good TV.

I watch it, but my thumb is sitting on the Fast Forward button so I can push through the horrible backstage garbage.. The whole idea that the cameramen backstage are peeping toms (If you ever watch the show, 90% of their backstage camera work is done through a window with blinds or a half open door.) is horribly overused.

My belief is that if something doesn’t change within TNA, their product will continue to flounder like a fish out of water…

I have a lot of respect for what Hogan has done for the industry through the years, but the quality of crap he’s producing within TNA is horrible. I think his “talent” is best served off camera.. in more of a advisory roll. But, his biggest downfall is this idea that “Hogan Sells Tickets”.. true (kind of.)

When Hogan had his last run with WWE back in 2005, the only reason tickets were sold is because Hogan was paired with other high profile talent. In TNA the only talent that is “high profile” and has the same level of exposure as the guys in WWE are Flair and Sting. I mean TNA has Bubba Ray and Devon and Mr Anderson and the Hardys but they aren’t really in the same boat as Hogan. So this idea of putting Hogan on TV the majority of the time just isn’t working.

Now if TNA suddenly put Hogan up against someone he hasn’t faced before that is a big profile name, then maybe. But until then I really think Hogan would be best off camera.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe TNA is headed somewhere with their storyline.. I certainly can’t tell where it’s going.

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WWE Raw 7/18/2011

I haven’t watched the show yet but I followed along live over at ProWrestling.net. A co-worker took a vacation and I am covering his late shift.

The show seemed extremely weak, considering the simply amazing show they had last night. Vince came out in the beginning and basically ruled CM Punk’s Title win null and void, stating that “that man’s name would never be spoken again”…. What? Really!? You have the hottest main event in ages at Money In The Bank, which most people are considering to be as good as a Wrestlemania Main Event and you act as if nothing happened!?. Horrible.

To make things worse, they started a tournament bracket to crown a new champion. Having not seen the show, and just reading another person’s view of it… The tournament seemed to be a pathetic fill for time. I personally would have expected WWE to eat up the media coverage of CM Punk with Colt Cabana and Ace Steel that TMZ had. I think WWE should have at least made mention to it.

The only meaningful and interesting moments on Raw were in the last half hour (as usual..It’s their version of a cliff hanger.). Vince was about to fire Cena when Triple H’s music played, he was all dressed up in a suit and after a bunch of beating around the bush.. The WWE Board of Directors had filed an injunction against Vince with a vote of No Confidence. In his place they put Triple H as Chairmen and CEO.

Wow! Didn’t see that one coming, I recall in an interview that Hunter did, he mentioned he would only come back if they needed him real bad. I guess that time is now. Fact is, Hunter sells tickets. Since 2000, Hunter has put up good ticket sales. With this turn of events, I am real curious if the Board will send Hunter to “hunt” down CM Punk in Chicago and drag him back to WWE to defend the title, or at least get him to sign a short term contract to last until Summer Slam.

During the Raw broadcast CM Punk was on twitter posting pictures from the Cubs game. When I was reading his tweets and looking at the pictures, I started wondering if it was a gag, like Punk was really at the arena but had someone at the cubs game providing the pictures. It would make sense, Make it seem like Punk is else where and then have him pop up in the crowd with a ticket in hand (front row naturally).

Now that I think about it.. How interesting would it be if Hunter took Del Rio and a Ref out to Chicago and chased down Punk and Del rio cashed in the MITB in Punks living room? or the local corner market. Have Del Rio win the belt, which would then leave Punk with his contractual Rematch that all champions have if they lose the belt, and then have that rematch at Summer Slam. With Punk showing up backstage at Raw either beating Del Rio down or just building tension!?

Wow, there are a few ways they could roll with this.

How much you wanna bet, Next Monday the Tournament is called off and Hunter shows up in Chicago (“Live” via Satellite of course). Only time will tell.

To stay on top of the latest news regarding Vince’s firing and Hunter taking control, check out ProWrestling.net

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The art and entertainment of Pro Wrestling.

First off, lets get the known facts out of the way.. I know there will be people who are all, “It’s FAKE!!” So here it is; Yes, Pro Wrestling is fake… to a degree. It is fake in the aspect that the final decision is known before hand and that the whole thing is scripted by a team of writers. Yes, a lot of the what they do doesn’t even look real, because it’s entertainment! You don’t see a Hollywood actor going around movie sets ACTUALLY getting blown up or shot at do you? No, because they want to do other movies.. same thing here. If wrestlers went around actually hurting each other, we wouldn’t have anyone to watch.

On to what matters..

As of late WWE has been doing a GREAT job with CM Punk’s character, he is the hottest wrestler in the business! After his rant 3 weeks ago on Raw, he definitely shot up to the main event level! Which was proven tonight at Money In The Bank. For those of you who haven’t been following WWE… Here is a few recap videos.

He was suspended for a week.. Then this..

And then tonight.. at Money In The Bank.

I have 2 formats for this video incase WWE pulls it from youtube. the smaller video is the one I downloaded 🙂 (no clue why the video is flipped backwards)

[media id=last width=320 height=240]


So, if you have followed along.. The story telling here is simply classic! I have been a wrestling fan since birth almost, as my mother went into labor she was watching Portland Wrestling, If memory serves me right, Dutch Savage against someone I can’t remember. Yeah, Wrestling was the first thing I saw. No joke. I witnessed the greatest moments in wrestling history during the 90’s with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock and D-Generation X.. The nWo (black and white AND Wolfpac) Hogan Vs Sting.. Hogan Vs Flair, Hogan Vs Goldberg… DDP winning the World Title in WCW.. David Arquette winning the WCW title (worst moment in pro wrestling ever..) Wikipedia describes that one as “Arquette would become a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, an angle that has been cited by prominent professional wrestling commentators as being pivotal to the degradation of the title and the demise of WCW”… I’ve been there for it all. The 20 something minute rant from The Warrior on Nitro against Hogan and Bischoff. Not to mention the CLASSIC promos that Steve Austin cut in ECW.. those were GOLD!

Needless to say, I’ve seen it all. So when CM Punk started down this road, I knew right away something huge was about to happen. Pro Wrestling was entering the second golden era, the first one being the mid to late 90’s with the Monday night wars and WWE’s Attitude era. WWE has had a bit of an identity issue with main stream entertainment. During the late 80’s WWE was all over MTV with the Rock and Wrestling Connection, then it sorta died off in the early 90’s.. mainly due to the investigation that WWE had been providing drugs to their wrestlers to “buff” em out. But then something happened.. WCW showed up on Monday nights against WWE’s pale outdated style. While WWE was still doing the cartoon-ish wrestling, WCW started pulling numbers (1 1/2 years worth of leading numbers), suddenly Pro wrestling was back on top and EVERYBODY knew about wrestling! People were plugged in and hooked. During that time frame, wrestling shows were pulling some of the highest ratings ever seen! In some cases the shows got an 8.0 in the neilson ratings.. which by the way is HUGE.. WWE Raw averages somewhere in the 3’s right now.

Then, in 2001 WWE did the one thing that nobody thought would happen… They bought WCW from Time Warner, thus ending the Monday Night Wars and killing their only Competition. With that gone the casual pro wrestling fan died off a little bit. You could no longer watch two shows to see who would try to one up the other.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to! The Monday Night Wars, it covers everything I’ve talked about. (Click here to get it at Amazon)

There has been a few times that WWE has pulled something out of their hat to bring themselves back into the mainstream light. Some not so good.

I haven’t seen WWE come out with the quality of writing that they have right now in a long time. CM Punk even mentioned it in one of his promo’s.. Everybody is looking to WWE to see what the hell is going on, for the longest time it has just been the same old, day in – day out grind. Cena as Champ and people winning the belt from him and then him winning it back… How many times have we seen that?. But FINALLY something fresh and new! I’m glad that WWE has chosen to switch things up, for too long they did the same crap over and over again. John Cena has been champ for a LONG time and it’s about time they start passing it around again. Switch things up.

I am REALLY looking forward to Raw tomorrow. Even more so, the continuation of the story line.

Real quick before I end this, a couple websites I use to keep up on wrestling, I try to catch as much as I can on TV.. check out Jason Powell’s ProWrestling.Net. Those guys are legit fans! I can always count on them for a good source of wrestling/mma news. Also, David Lagana over at IWantWrestling.Com Which is run by former WWE lead writer and current ROH on HDNet Producer David Lagana.  Follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/lagana.

I am wondering if I should start blogging more and doing a podcast on this topic.. I have quite a bit of “useless” knowledge. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

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Wait for the call..

Well, without realizing it… I broke Comcast’s rule about download and upload maxing out at 250gb in a month. Well, currently I am at 302gb and were 15 days into the month..

Their website says they have a department that handles “excessive users”.. Once you break the 250gb level they call you and talk about you going over the limit. Well, now I wait.

In the mean time. Hoist the flag!