The 4th Of July, Vancouver Style.

For my whole childhood the 4th Of July was always something special. They called it the biggest fireworks display west of the Mississippi. That is until 2010, when the Fort Vancouver Trust brought the show back in a smaller show and smaller entertainment stage. It took away the feeling of this being a big event.

Here are some pictures of what I’m talking bout.

Here is a video of the 2008 Fireworks which were at about 1000 feet.

and 2010 .. just barely above the tree line. The fort vancouver trust said “About 400 feet in the air”

For good measure, here is 2007..

Due to not having enough money the event was cancelled in 2009. When they brought it back in 2010, they down scaled a lot. Note the size of the stage in the above pictures.


Here is what they had last year and again this year.


Here is what they have this year (2011) for the main stage..

This is a picture of the fireworks in 2010


The big event feel was taken away. Hopefully next year it will change.

Makes it feel like a meaningless event. The stage is small the audio quality sucks, the guy running the lights made the stage appear too red… Felt like a horrible low production event.

Here’s to hoping for a better event next year.

Thanks for reading.


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