The art and entertainment of Pro Wrestling.

First off, lets get the known facts out of the way.. I know there will be people who are all, “It’s FAKE!!” So here it is; Yes, Pro Wrestling is fake… to a degree. It is fake in the aspect that the final decision is known before hand and that the whole thing is scripted by a team of writers. Yes, a lot of the what they do doesn’t even look real, because it’s entertainment! You don’t see a Hollywood actor going around movie sets ACTUALLY getting blown up or shot at do you? No, because they want to do other movies.. same thing here. If wrestlers went around actually hurting each other, we wouldn’t have anyone to watch.

On to what matters..

As of late WWE has been doing a GREAT job with CM Punk’s character, he is the hottest wrestler in the business! After his rant 3 weeks ago on Raw, he definitely shot up to the main event level! Which was proven tonight at Money In The Bank. For those of you who haven’t been following WWE… Here is a few recap videos.

He was suspended for a week.. Then this..

And then tonight.. at Money In The Bank.

I have 2 formats for this video incase WWE pulls it from youtube. the smaller video is the one I downloaded 🙂 (no clue why the video is flipped backwards)

[media id=last width=320 height=240]


So, if you have followed along.. The story telling here is simply classic! I have been a wrestling fan since birth almost, as my mother went into labor she was watching Portland Wrestling, If memory serves me right, Dutch Savage against someone I can’t remember. Yeah, Wrestling was the first thing I saw. No joke. I witnessed the greatest moments in wrestling history during the 90’s with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock and D-Generation X.. The nWo (black and white AND Wolfpac) Hogan Vs Sting.. Hogan Vs Flair, Hogan Vs Goldberg… DDP winning the World Title in WCW.. David Arquette winning the WCW title (worst moment in pro wrestling ever..) Wikipedia describes that one as “Arquette would become a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, an angle that has been cited by prominent professional wrestling commentators as being pivotal to the degradation of the title and the demise of WCW”… I’ve been there for it all. The 20 something minute rant from The Warrior on Nitro against Hogan and Bischoff. Not to mention the CLASSIC promos that Steve Austin cut in ECW.. those were GOLD!

Needless to say, I’ve seen it all. So when CM Punk started down this road, I knew right away something huge was about to happen. Pro Wrestling was entering the second golden era, the first one being the mid to late 90’s with the Monday night wars and WWE’s Attitude era. WWE has had a bit of an identity issue with main stream entertainment. During the late 80’s WWE was all over MTV with the Rock and Wrestling Connection, then it sorta died off in the early 90’s.. mainly due to the investigation that WWE had been providing drugs to their wrestlers to “buff” em out. But then something happened.. WCW showed up on Monday nights against WWE’s pale outdated style. While WWE was still doing the cartoon-ish wrestling, WCW started pulling numbers (1 1/2 years worth of leading numbers), suddenly Pro wrestling was back on top and EVERYBODY knew about wrestling! People were plugged in and hooked. During that time frame, wrestling shows were pulling some of the highest ratings ever seen! In some cases the shows got an 8.0 in the neilson ratings.. which by the way is HUGE.. WWE Raw averages somewhere in the 3’s right now.

Then, in 2001 WWE did the one thing that nobody thought would happen… They bought WCW from Time Warner, thus ending the Monday Night Wars and killing their only Competition. With that gone the casual pro wrestling fan died off a little bit. You could no longer watch two shows to see who would try to one up the other.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to! The Monday Night Wars, it covers everything I’ve talked about. (Click here to get it at Amazon)

There has been a few times that WWE has pulled something out of their hat to bring themselves back into the mainstream light. Some not so good.

I haven’t seen WWE come out with the quality of writing that they have right now in a long time. CM Punk even mentioned it in one of his promo’s.. Everybody is looking to WWE to see what the hell is going on, for the longest time it has just been the same old, day in – day out grind. Cena as Champ and people winning the belt from him and then him winning it back… How many times have we seen that?. But FINALLY something fresh and new! I’m glad that WWE has chosen to switch things up, for too long they did the same crap over and over again. John Cena has been champ for a LONG time and it’s about time they start passing it around again. Switch things up.

I am REALLY looking forward to Raw tomorrow. Even more so, the continuation of the story line.

Real quick before I end this, a couple websites I use to keep up on wrestling, I try to catch as much as I can on TV.. check out Jason Powell’s ProWrestling.Net. Those guys are legit fans! I can always count on them for a good source of wrestling/mma news. Also, David Lagana over at IWantWrestling.Com Which is run by former WWE lead writer and current ROH on HDNet Producer David Lagana.  Follow him on twitter at

I am wondering if I should start blogging more and doing a podcast on this topic.. I have quite a bit of “useless” knowledge. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Thanks for reading!


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