WWE Raw 7/18/2011

I haven’t watched the show yet but I followed along live over at ProWrestling.net. A co-worker took a vacation and I am covering his late shift.

The show seemed extremely weak, considering the simply amazing show they had last night. Vince came out in the beginning and basically ruled CM Punk’s Title win null and void, stating that “that man’s name would never be spoken again”…. What? Really!? You have the hottest main event in ages at Money In The Bank, which most people are considering to be as good as a Wrestlemania Main Event and you act as if nothing happened!?. Horrible.

To make things worse, they started a tournament bracket to crown a new champion. Having not seen the show, and just reading another person’s view of it… The tournament seemed to be a pathetic fill for time. I personally would have expected WWE to eat up the media coverage of CM Punk with Colt Cabana and Ace Steel that TMZ had. I think WWE should have at least made mention to it.

The only meaningful and interesting moments on Raw were in the last half hour (as usual..It’s their version of a cliff hanger.). Vince was about to fire Cena when Triple H’s music played, he was all dressed up in a suit and after a bunch of beating around the bush.. The WWE Board of Directors had filed an injunction against Vince with a vote of No Confidence. In his place they put Triple H as Chairmen and CEO.

Wow! Didn’t see that one coming, I recall in an interview that Hunter did, he mentioned he would only come back if they needed him real bad. I guess that time is now. Fact is, Hunter sells tickets. Since 2000, Hunter has put up good ticket sales. With this turn of events, I am real curious if the Board will send Hunter to “hunt” down CM Punk in Chicago and drag him back to WWE to defend the title, or at least get him to sign a short term contract to last until Summer Slam.

During the Raw broadcast CM Punk was on twitter posting pictures from the Cubs game. When I was reading his tweets and looking at the pictures, I started wondering if it was a gag, like Punk was really at the arena but had someone at the cubs game providing the pictures. It would make sense, Make it seem like Punk is else where and then have him pop up in the crowd with a ticket in hand (front row naturally).

Now that I think about it.. How interesting would it be if Hunter took Del Rio and a Ref out to Chicago and chased down Punk and Del rio cashed in the MITB in Punks living room? or the local corner market. Have Del Rio win the belt, which would then leave Punk with his contractual Rematch that all champions have if they lose the belt, and then have that rematch at Summer Slam. With Punk showing up backstage at Raw either beating Del Rio down or just building tension!?

Wow, there are a few ways they could roll with this.

How much you wanna bet, Next Monday the Tournament is called off and Hunter shows up in Chicago (“Live” via Satellite of course). Only time will tell.

To stay on top of the latest news regarding Vince’s firing and Hunter taking control, check out ProWrestling.net

Thanks for reading!


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