Since I first heard about TNA and started watching their product, I have been left feeling a bit miffed. The talent at TNA is great, especially the X division! But TNA as a whole is starting to feel a lot like a really bad WCW copy. I mean they have Flair, Hogan and Bischoff.. Their whole M.O. is to take already well established talent from WWE and other promotions.. 75%~ of the TV show revolves around Hogan and Bischoff.

In the day, WCW was cutting edge and broke new ground each week. They created some amazing moments and did things that WWE wasn’t willing to. During the monday night wars, WCW lead the rating war because of the creative talent within the company, mainly Bischoff and the nWo. Sadly Hogan and Bischoff show up in TNA and create this group called Immortal.. basically the nWo with a different name. They come rolling out to the ring as a huge group just like they did in WCW. The whole thing just feels like a horrible copy.

The biggest problem I have with TNA at the moment is Vince Russo as Head Writer, when he entered WCW the company basically fell to its knees. Don’t get me wrong, Russo wrote some amazing stuff in WWE back in the 90’s. He helped create the Attitude era.. Problem is, I think he ran his tank dry in doing so and is now just a shell of what he once was.

I have been reading and listening to quite a bit recently, in my opinion Dave Lagana and some of the former WWE writers would breathe fresh air into TNA.. some of the stuff TNA is doing just doesn’t make for good TV.

I watch it, but my thumb is sitting on the Fast Forward button so I can push through the horrible backstage garbage.. The whole idea that the cameramen backstage are peeping toms (If you ever watch the show, 90% of their backstage camera work is done through a window with blinds or a half open door.) is horribly overused.

My belief is that if something doesn’t change within TNA, their product will continue to flounder like a fish out of water…

I have a lot of respect for what Hogan has done for the industry through the years, but the quality of crap he’s producing within TNA is horrible. I think his “talent” is best served off camera.. in more of a advisory roll. But, his biggest downfall is this idea that “Hogan Sells Tickets”.. true (kind of.)

When Hogan had his last run with WWE back in 2005, the only reason tickets were sold is because Hogan was paired with other high profile talent. In TNA the only talent that is “high profile” and has the same level of exposure as the guys in WWE are Flair and Sting. I mean TNA has Bubba Ray and Devon and Mr Anderson and the Hardys but they aren’t really in the same boat as Hogan. So this idea of putting Hogan on TV the majority of the time just isn’t working.

Now if TNA suddenly put Hogan up against someone he hasn’t faced before that is a big profile name, then maybe. But until then I really think Hogan would be best off camera.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe TNA is headed somewhere with their storyline.. I certainly can’t tell where it’s going.

Thanks for reading!


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