WWE Smackdown 9-23-11

The rest of the show was pretty “meh..” BUT, what they didn’t show (too much) was Cody Rhodes bleeding like a stuck pig.. You can find these pictures over at wrestlenewz.com. Cody was hit with the ring bell and started bleeding like I haven’t seen since the attitude era!

WWE Hyping The Rock’s return to in-ring action.

I was hoping they would do this, bring him back earlier than Wrestlemania, rumors had been flying around about a return to the ring at Survivor Series, I’m glad to see they decided to go with this..


I may actually buy this Pay-Per-View…. I am curious if they will bring back The Undertaker as well, Survivor Series will mark 20 years since his debut in 1991.

Only time will tell, I really hope that Rock hangs around after the PPV and gets involved with some story lines.

It’s been awhile..

So, I haven’t posted anything in awhile.. Been switching up the work schedule and adjusting to it. I also got rid of my cable TV (Basic local channels only now) so I don’t get a chance to watch wrestling live unless I stream it off the internet. I am hoping to get back into the groove of doing the reviews. I have lost touch with a lot of the story lines.. I have been keeping up to date thanks to the guys over at Prowrestling.net.

Still not sure if Kevin Nash leaving the WWE is real or story line.. they have become pretty good at blurring the line between the two as of late.

But anyway, I have Mondays and Tuesdays off, so I will be able to sit down and watch wrestling and reviewing it.

So until next time. Take care!

Don’t do anything a sane person would. 😉