Snow?… or not.

My god, this is crazy. The snow that was SUPPOSE to come here moved north and hit the seattle area.. We got like 2 inches of snow here in Vancouver but Seattle is getting snow and ice.. and to think, that could have been here. Eeeesh.


So I never went to school to be a weatherman, but it interests me quite a bit. So, I have been watching a barometer that I have and looking over several weather resources and looking at the radar and satellite maps and really keeping an eye on what is about to come out way. (our being Vancouver WA)

What I figure I will start doing is as a hobby, looking over weather maps and readings and start blogging my estimates on weather. Here is an update I posted to facebook a little bit a go:

I’ve been really watching the weather and reading up and looking at the different maps and it looks like between now and 3am will be cold and somewhat snow free, however a system moves in around 4am-ish and the chance of snow goes up to 80%. The chill factor tomorrow is supposedly around 24 degrees, all day. With a 90% or better chance of snow. The national weather service is saying they expect (if conditions are perfect) 6-10 inches of snow. Which really means we will get about 5 inches, or if they are wrong like they were a few years ago, we will get a few feet. Regardless, tomorrow the Fit will hit the Shan. Stay warm! and STAY SAFE!! Overnight low around 32. Watch out for slick spots and overpasses!

The estimate of snow is from The Weather Channel (National Weather Guys). As I mentioned there, I really think we will get about 5 inches of snow, however there is the possibility that all hell breaks loose and we end up more, but at the low end, I’m going to guess 5 inches. According to what I’ve seen, the temperature isn’t expected to get above 32-33 degrees tomorrow with a chill factor of 24 degrees.

As of 10PM currently it is 35 degrees and steady. Barometer is at 1004 hPa which is 29.64 inches of mercury. I expect this to fall as the even progresses.

Again, I am no weather expert, but I intend on learning the craft and understanding the weather better. I will blog again tomorrow when I wake up.

Let’s see how close I get.
I am guessing we get a minimum 5 inches total (If it starts snowing by 4am as the weather guys say, By 7am when I wake up, i’m going to guess about 2 inches would have already fallen)

Temp wise, I’m sticking with 32 degrees all day, the wind chill is the only part that will be tricky, I think 24 degrees is probably spot on.

My first prediction, let’s see how it goes. 🙂