Brock Vs. Rock at Wrestlemania XXIX

Since Brock Lesnar retired from the MMA Octagon, rumors have been swirling that Brock would head back to WWE. If this is rumor is true that Brock has already signed a new one-year contract then that means he will be present at Wrestlemania XXIX in NY/NJ.

The Rock has already confirmed he will be at Wrestlemania in NY/NJ, Could this be the start to a Brock Vs Rock match at ‘Mania? And will Brock make his return to WWE tonight on Raw? Brock has been confirmed to be in Miami. Only time will tell.


“UFC president Dana White said he didn’t know whether the report was accurate, but added that he wouldn’t have an issue with Lesnar signing with WWE”

If not Rock Vs Brock.. Maybe Brock Vs Taker? Both of their Fighting Styles are a MMA heavy style. Let the Road to Wrestlemania XXIX Begin!



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