WWE.com Headline: “BROCK IS BACK”

As you may, or may not know Brock Lesnar returned to WWE tonight (as previously reported earlier in the day). Brock showed up in Miami yesterday after landing in Fort Lauderdale to try and sneak in to the area for tonight. Then WWE posted the facebook post of “Anything can happen the Monday after Wrestlemania”

I wasn’t expecting Brock to come out and attack John Cena, BUT it would make for a good storyline. Brock and John Cena has some pretty insane matches back in the day. I am really hoping that there is an angle for Brock to headline Wrestlemania XXIX in NY/NJ.

I think that Brock will definitely be in the WWE for at least a year (I doubt they would sign him to anything shorter than that), however rumor has it Brock is not a fan of the heavy touring schedule that WWE has for its superstars and that Brocks new contract has him doing much less travel than other stars. I would imagine it has him doing RAW each week and possibly a few Smackdown shows and not so many live events (house shows).

Here is to hoping that Brock still has the “Wrestler” in him. After all the MMA Fight Training he went through, I wonder how much of that style he would bring with him into WWE, Only time will tell.

Here is the video that WWE has up on their site of Brock attacking John Cena.


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