Wrestlemania XXVIII

Wrestlemania XXVIII (28) is “Once in a lifetime”, Sunlife Stadium in Miami, Florida, 78,383 Fans!

For those of you who don’t know, Wrestlemania is the “Grand Daddy of ’em all” the “Show of Shows”, the “Grandest Stage Of Them All” and it lives up to those names every year.

First up, they had Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus for the Heavyweight Title. Sheamus won with the brogue kick. HORRIBLE MATCH. Lasted all of 18 seconds. :-

Next was Kane Vs Randy Orton. Kane won the match.

Next up, they had Big Show Vs Cody Rhodes for the IC Title. Big Show is the new IC Champion.

Up next they had a Divas match… Meh. don’t care. Kelly Kelly and Maria whatserface won.

One of the matches I have waited forever to see. Triple H Vs Undertaker in HELL IN A CELL.


Undertaker went 20-0 tonight! 20 wins and Wrestlemania. Triple H REALLY abused the Undertaker with a chair, his back was flat out assaulted with over 30 chair shots.

Next was the six man tag.. Meh. Johnny Ace is the new GM of Both Raw and Smackdown.

Next is Chris Jericho Vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship (DQ Can cause title to switch hands). CM Punk is BEST IN THE WORLD after Chris Jericho Tapped out to the Anaconda Vice!

John Cena debut a GREEN shirt tonight.. Fruity Pebble? Maybe. Machine Gun Kelly did the intro for John Cena and Flo Rida did the intro for The Rock.

When Cena came out, All fans Boo’d the Cena… Never heard that many boos before. EVERYONE Cheered The Rock. Miami is The Rock’s Home, guess we should have seen that one coming.

Rock wins!

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