You’re familiar with the term cloud right?… If not, I’m sure you have heard of Dropbox, Box, Google Driveetc. These are all Cloud services, they store your data on a server that is accessible from anywhere. So, what I’m going to do, is create my own using OwnCloud and an Ubuntu Server I have (currently it sits and runs PyTivo.. That’s a different blog post 🙂 ) (Edit: Yes I am aware of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Server.. I will look at installing and playing with this.)

I was watching TWiT‘s new show “Know How…” and their first episode was about rolling out your own cloud a few different ways, they shows the Tonido Plug and the Pogo Plug. Now Tonido has a software suite you can download and use but from the sounds of it, you are actually allow them to see some of your data (at least that is how it is with the Tonido plug device). I’m not so interested in allowing that to happen, not because I’m doing anything illegal but because I don’t like the idea of people willy nilly looking at my data.

Now, looking at OwnCloud you can run the software on your machine (Desktop or Server, I prefer server) and it will simply host a Web GUI that you can access your data from. OwnCloud comes with a client you install on your device and you can access your data from your server. I don’t know if there is a mobile app yet. I mainly want this setup so I can easily access content from my home server without needing to worry about a super low max limit (Dropbox currently has 4gb on my account and Box has 50gb).

I plan on toying with it and seeing what all it does and then writing a review on it. The idea of running your own cloud (If you have an ISP that gives you a nice upload speed and doesn’t limit you) is a really neat idea. You don’t have to worry about uploading to a server, where God knows who is looking at your data.

The other option is to use software to encrypt your data before you upload to these cloud services, the reason I dislike that idea is that when I want to run in and grab something quick I don’t want to have to worry about, “Does this computer/device have the software to allow me to view this?”

So, I will install and toy with OwnCloud on my Sandbox machine and see what I come up with.  If you do not have a sandbox machine. You should REALLY invest in one. Mine is basically an old computer I had laying around after an upgrade that I tossed some hardware into. You can also pick up computers pretty cheap on ebay or a local computer recycler. Free Geek is a good place to look too.

See you on the other side!


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