OwnCloud – My Review

I have to give it to OwnCloud for making the installation really easy! In less than  two minutes I had OwnCloud installed and ready to go.The GUI has a nice sleek feel to it. It doesn’t have as much functionality as I thought it would, but none the less I took it from sandbox to live the same night. Linking my Desktop and Phone to the install was incredibly easy.

Now to the things that bug me enough to make me tell you about it.

  • No built in Quota bar. This is a MUST. How am I to know where my current storage limit is?
  • The default text editor isn’t a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). It is the ugliest interface for typing that I have seen since Basic on a Tandy Color Computer. You have no control of font size or formatting.
  • I would like to see some sort of a built in Open Office type suite. Not everybody wants to use Office to generate a spreadsheet or word document.
  • Changing the colors is a challenge. This should be an option in the Admin section. A user should not need to climb into the Terminal and edit config files to change colors or theme settings.
  • For music to show up in the Music category and be able to stream from the web GUI it shouldn’t be a requirement to have music in a folder named “Music”.

All in all, I am happy with it. It’s a nice alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive. However, if you don’t have an ISP with a decent Upload speed you will suffer a lot.

I will get some screenshots added later tonight.

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