Big Brother Double Eviction Prediction

My, oh my the game will get all kinds of mixed up tonight. Big Brother is doing a Double Eviction. With all the heat on Dan after Frank and Boogie suspected him of being a mole, I can imagine he is at risk for some pay back. Here is my prediction of what will happen tonight.

First Eviction: Boogie.

I think the votes will go this way.

Name Vote
Dan Boogie
Danielle Boogie
Frank Jenn
Ian Boogie
Joe Boogie
Britney Boogie
Ashely Possibly Jenn
Ashley is a hard one to read, she is very docile and unpredictable.


Second Eviction. Things get stirred up.

This could go a couple of ways, but judging by the way things have gone in the last couple round of HoH, I have a feeling that Frank may take it. But the HoH will need to be a quick, knowledge quiz. Ian has a pretty good chance of winning if thats the case.

If Ian gets HoH, Frank will be put on the block, i’m guessing next to a pawn and Frank will likely go home.
If Frank gets HoH, Shane will go up with Dan, it’s hard to see where that could go. Shane is a competitor and could take this the whole way and win, and Dan is also a threat, so that is really tough to say who goes in this case.

Don’t forget there will be two HoH comps tonight. The second HoH is anybodies game, but I think Shane may win, that is if he is still in the game at that point.

The live show takes place at 6pm pacific / 9pm eastern. While it airs on tape delay on the west coast at 9pm, you can find various sites on the internet to watch the show live as it happens at 6pm Pacific. which is my favorite source. You can also get the live feeds at for the uncensored look into the house.

Later tonight I will be live blogging the Double Eviction. Tonight should be really interesting!

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