Big Brother Spoiler

This week in the Big Brother house has been pretty crazy, after the double eviction everybody was looking around with a different view on things. Boogie and Ashley were sent packing, Boogie was the obvious one to leave and then the pot got stirred when Ian won HOH and put Frank up against Ashley. As we know, Frank won the POV and took himself off and put Joe up against Ashley. After Ashley was voted out Frank went on a rampage, calling out everybody in the house on the cowardly acts they have done.

Now for the crazy stuff.

Frank was offered Pandoras Box. In it, the chance to win $10,000. Not knowing what would happen to the house guests while he was in there he was a little unsure as he wanted to make sure that Dan left. But ended up taking Pandoras Box for a spin.

While Frank spent the next hour in the box picking and choosing 3 different question marked slips of paper to try and win large amounts of money, the house guests were given the chance to win a second Veto via the Claw game in the arcade room (the room just off the bathroom). The house guests were told they needed $.50 to play the game. They started tearing apart the backyard digging for coins, when all of a sudden balls started flying over the walls and some had quarters in them. Everybody started digging like crazy to find quarters and play the claw game. Dan was damn near out of control, Britney was diving at the sound of quarters. In the end, Ian won the Veto.

Jenn would go on to win the regular Veto. With Ian having this second Veto, Frank had to make a deal with him not to use it. Frank told Ian that if he used the Veto, he would put Britney up. Ian made the decision to not use the veto.

Here’s where the week gets interesting. Nominations were Dan and Danielle. Ian did his Veto ceremony before Jenn did hers, Ian said he will not be using his Veto. Jenn used her Veto to save Dan. Frank had to name a replacement since Dan was taken down. Now he had told Ian that he would put Britney up if Ian used his veto, which he didn’t Jenn used hers. Frank puts Britney on the block, which sends Ian into fit of anger. Ian starts screaming at Frank, and starts getting really upset. Ian got beer in his HOH basket and started drinking, He got drunk during the middle of the day.

Dan had a punishment from a comp and had to spend 24 hours in the Have not room with techno music and flashing lights, and had to eat an entire sheet cake. When he came out he decided to play the house a little bit and pretend that he was having horrible effects from the punishment he had endured, to the point that he had Danielle in tears. They called Dan to the DR and from what I can gather production wanted to make sure that he was actually okay. It’s hard to tell whats going with Dan right now, He made a deal with Frank, I don’t know if Dan is trying to ensure his safety or if he is trying to get into a position that he can get Frank out by using his trust against him. Time will tell.

There was some heat between Danielle and Britney over who was campaigning against who. Frank is guilty of lighting this fire. Danielle had talked to Dan and Shane about keeping her, even though Danielle and Britney agreed not to campaign, Frank told Britney that Danielle was campaigning hard against her. Britney got really upset at Danielle and started yelling at her. This didn’t last too long as later in the day they were walking around together and talking.

Here is how it looks the votes will go.

Name Vote
Dan Britney
Jenn Unknown
Joe Britney
Shane Britney
Ian Danielle

Jenn hasn’t talked a lot about who shes voting for, she saved Dan which means she probably won’t vote for Danielle but at the same time that doesn’t mean she won’t vote for Britney. So at this point she is the swing vote.

Thanks for reading!

– Dan

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