Starting over.

Previous attempts have not worked as I would have wanted them to. So, it’s time for a “reboot” if you will.

What does this reboot consist of? Well, quite simply dedication. I haven’t dedicated myself to losing weight. It has gone to far, I’m 342lbs. Three Hundred and Forty Pounds. It’s embarrassing to say, and it’s a hard thing to come to terms with. Things that I used to be able to do with the greatest of ease, I’m finding gets me winded and it takes me a few minutes to catch my breath..

I don’t eat destructively or anything, I eat pretty modestly, I think. But the main issue is, I sit at my job, and I sit at home. I do get outside and work in the yard and garden. Obviously not enough to really get a calorie burn.

How will I change this? On my days off I have a membership at Planet Fitness, which 10 dollars a month isn’t bad. They have a 30 minute circuit, which is like a full body workout. I will hit the circuit 3 days a week and then when I get off work I will have to get into a groove of working out in the gym at work. For the time, I’m going to stick to cardio in the gym at work. I just need to get my body conditioned to be active.

When all else fails. Try, Try Again.

View my starting pictures

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