My Knee.

My knee had been giving me some serious trouble. About a year ago I started having some real serious pains and I went to the doctor and they took an X-Ray of my knee and found that I have almost no cartilage left in my left knee. There is no telling what made it go away, but I know that when I flare it up, it stops everything. I know that at some point my left knee will need some kind of operation to correct the issue, but my goal is to keep it as healthy as possible, so far I haven’t had any serious episodes with it.

The last time I had a real serious issue with it was about 6 months ago, I stepped wrong going up the stairs and just about fell over, I couldn’t walk up the stairs and had to just about crawl up them. The very first time this happened I was getting off the couch and it felt like someone had stuck a rock in my knee joint and it popped out, I thought I broke my leg. I couldn’t get any kind of pressure on my foot. The doctor said the pain was from the bone rubbing against each other.

I have done some pretty serious workouts on my knee without any issues. I just need to be as careful as I can be with my knee. I think one of the most strenious workout I had done was with a personal trainer doing tire flips, that took every bit of energy out of me, but also involved a lot of squatting down and lifting the tire, which I think weighed about 100bs (not entirely sure.) and the first few times I would lift the tire my knee let me know it was there, but once I warmed it up, I had no issues.

So, now that I haven’t had any serious issues recently with my knee I’m going to dip my toe back into working out and see how my knee reacts. Just going to take it one step at a time.

It all starts at Day 1. Monday, November 12th.