Portland Wrestling Uncut – Jan 8th

On January 8th, 2013 Portland Wrestling Uncut held a live show. My wife and I attended the show. It was a really good show, here are a few pictures I got with some of the wrestlers. I unfortunately didn’t keep track of all the matches, however The Blanchard’s faced Exile and Wade Hess, Their manager the Grappler used a boot to hit Bubba Blanchard and Wade Hess got the pin-fall but the referee caught wind of the boot incident and reversed his decision. STILL THE CHAMPS!

blanchard-brothersThe Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champions
The Blanchard’s

Davari faced Big Ugly in a match with a one hour time limit, about 15 minutes into the match, there was a spot where Davari pulled the ref down to the mat, the ref landed wrong and blood started pouring out of his nose, he called for a disqualification and named Big Ugly the winner but Davari kept the belt due to DQ.

Davari The Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion
Former WWE/TNA Wrestler – Davari

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