“Off The Grid” Cloud File Hosting

I have used Google Drive and Dropbox for quite sometime without any encryption, and thought nothing of it. That is until this whole N.S.A. thing cropped up.

I had previously installed and played with OwnCloud and found it be quite nice. It doesn’t have all of the options that Dropbox or Google Drive have, but for off the grid cloud hosting, it’s pretty damn nice!

One thing I wanted to have with my OwnCloud was encryption to all my files. I found that OwnCloud has an app for that! So I’ve enabled it and got it all working.

That got me thinking, even though there are a lot of services out there offering encrypted cloud file hosting, I still don’t entirely trust them.. So, what I’ve decided to do is offer 5GB of free Cloud file hosting. I have limited it to just 15 people though. Mainly because, unlike the big guys, I don’t have endless amounts of Data Storage. Just email dwalker at merval dot org asking for a cloud hosting account.