The case of the MacBook LCD issue.

So, My wife’s uncle gave me a Macbook of his that worked, but the LCD panel was not working, or so I thought. I proceeded to do a full tear down on it, attempting to locate the problem, having found what I thought the issue was, a pinched display cable (which turned out to be incorrect). I took the macbook to the Apple store to see if they could assist, granted the macbook wasn’t in one piece anymore. The Apple rep explained, because I had taken the whole laptop apart, they were unable to service it and suggested I take the computer to the MacStore. Which I happily did, in hopes they would solve my problem.

We arrived at the MacStore and explained my problem. Which was that when you opened the macbook the screen would light up briefly but then turn off again once opened past at 15 degree angle. They agreed to do a diagnoses on the computer for me. A day or so later, the tech calls me and explains the LCD panel is faulty and the clutch cover was broken and needed to be replaced. All told, repairs would be over $400 dollars. I declined the repair and brought the computer home. Having been told the LCD panel was bad and the bezel (the part that goes around the panel covering the screws) was broken in half, I opted to buy a whole LCD assembly, for only $85 on ebay. I got the assembly but quickly realized the inverter cable was wrong, so without a thought, I swapped out the cable for the one on the other LCD panel. Got everything screwed together and was just about done when I decided, before I lock it all down, I had better do a test run to ensure I haven’t forgotten any cables.

I plugged in the power and hit the switch. The screen didn’t light up. I double and triple checked all my connection, ensuring everything was correct, I thought, “I wonder what will happen if I close the lid to a 15 degree angle..”. Son-of-a-bitch! The thing lights up at a 15 degree angle. How the hell could I have TWO faulty LCD panels that only work at 15 degrees? Then I investigated further. I had swapped out the inverter cable when I first got this assembly, so I started inspecting the cable, and I’ll be damned, there is a small cut in the cable and one of the wires were separated.

So, out of curiosity I started moving the cable around. Before I knew it, I had found the sweet spot, the LCD panel was completely light up and I could see everything! The LCD wasn’t BAD, the little cable was faulty. Now the MacStore had charged me $49 for the diagnostic, which after I had discovered the faulty cable, I called them and asked for a full refund of my money because their tech didn’t catch the cable issue. They provided me in-store credit. Which works out nicely, my Wife found an iPad Mini case there that she really liked.

So to wrap this whole thing up, I went on ebay and found a guy selling the exact cable I need, for $10 ($12 after shipping).

This was my second time opening this particular Macbook model, my wife and I actually have this exact macbook model (Only it’s the white model and this one is the black one) and I had opened the case up awhile back to clean out some dust and more recently replace the isight camera.

I’m actually starting to become quite comfortable cracking these macbooks open and fixing problems. The only thing I really need to get my hands on is a magnetic screw organizer. Macbooks have an insane amount of screws. And most of them are tiny and very easy to lose.

So, anyway. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I’ll have my inverter cable and a fully functional Macbook! (it works now but only through an external Monitor.)

When I got the macbook it had 4GB of RAM. I decided to divvy up the RAM between both macbooks and gave swapped one of the sticks in each, bringing both to 3GB. I’m hoping to upgrade my macbook to a 1TB HD. 🙂 It may be a mid-2007 macbook, but I’m gonna milk every ounce of possible out of this puppy!

Thanks for reading!

Catch ya next time!

– Dan