Farewell 2020…

2020 has gotten a pretty bad reputation. It’s the year the pandemic ruled the world and lockdowns occurred. However, something I think a lot of people don’t see is that, 2020 gave us the ability to grow closer to our family and learn to adapt and overcome. But many people won’t see it that way, they’ll see the negative side before they see the benefits. They’ll see that their ‘right’ to go into a restaurant and eat was taken away, or the their ‘right’ to be in a large group of people was taken away.

What’s interesting to me is everybody seems concerned with their ‘rights’ but not so much about ensuring the people around them are healthy and don’t die. They’d rather enjoy themselves than be safe.

I’m hopeful as we move into a new year, people become more open minded and see benefits before negativity.

Hello 2021. Let’s rock this thing!