Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday…..

Wow this week went by pretty fast, considering its now Thursday! Well, Monday was a good day I worked my usual places, Fishers Landing, then Hearthwood and then Skills Center. Tuesday was ridiculous I get a call at 7:15am (didn’t get the message till about 8 when i got home) ABM needed me to cover a day lead shift at Hearthwood. So I agree and go (like I’d turn down 5 hours at $12.63/hour) So anyways, I get there and this day lead doesn’t do his job very well, so I start cleaning things up as I see them and making note of all of it in the log book. I had Bobby (one of our supes) take a look at the vacuum pipe and ext. cord. Both were really shot.

So about an hour later Bobby returns with a new pipe and new ext. cord. Much to my delight as my normal shift is vacuuming the portables. The lunch run at that school resembles Fishers landing but a lot more chaotic. I don’t think I have ever seen a more uncontrolled crazy group of children. they were spilling stuff, making messes and being SO loud I had to yell at someone 3 feet away in order for them to hear me. The part that really got under my skin, a kid in line to put dump his tray and such is standing about 5 – 6 feet from the trash can for milk cartons, this kid has  a carton that has milk in it. Rather then waiting in line (like a normal kid) he throws his milk carton missing the can and landing on the floor next to it, mid flight milk comes flying out of the carton, this kid just stares at me smiling as i ask, “What do you think you are doing!!?” I had to take about 10 really deep slow breaths to calm down after that! Funny thing is today (wednesday) I get a call from ABM at like 10:45-ish they moved me away from Hearthwood, and sent me back to the school I was at last week lol oh well.

Today was a good day being back at Fishers Landing was so delightful, to be back in a controlled environment. I loved it!!

Thats my week. Tell me, how was yours!

– Dan

Laid to rest.

“On behalf of the President of the United States, the Department of Defense, and the American Legion, we offer this flag for the faithful and dedicated service of Sgt. Robert A. Taylor.”

The Memory Of a Soldier.

This man, fought for his country. He was part of the invasion of Europe. He landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day Plus 2. He was part of the Battle of Normandy, He was part of the 357th Army Corps of Engineers. He saw the world round, Belgium, Germany, Europe, you name it he probably saw it.

Been Too Long.

Well, It has been far too long since my last post.

First off, Yes I am still alive. Slighty beat up, but still alive.

Now, why am I beat up? Uhm well I went to Goldendale, I thought to help bail hay. *buzzer* Wrong! The bailer was busted. So instead we got to setup a hotwire. The cattle kept getting out and roaming around in the streets. Not good.

“YOUCH! Yea, its working!! Whoa! that hurts!”

So for about 2 acres, up and down hill we got to setup this hotwire. We finally get it setup, after I had to climb though a stream to get to the wire and pull it across to the other side. We tie it off and call it done. We hook up the ground next to the stream and the charger to the RV battery, then we hook the cable from the charger to the wire. We test it by touching a hammer to the barbed wire fence and the wire, it pops. Yey! all set. But wait, it’s not a strong zap, I start checking the connection and as I reach for the charger connection and get hit, my arm kicks back my muscle contracts and my arm stiffens. “YOUCH! Yea, its working!! Whoa! that hurts!” All done. We leave and test the far end of it. All works. So all in all 4 hours well spent.

I drove home from Goldendale yesterday. I had no idea you could get KUFO 100 miles from here. I listened to Cort, Boomer and Fatboy then Marconi and Kristine the whole way I drove home. The signal was faint in Centervillie, which is where I was staying. But in Goldendale its a strong signal.

So anyway! I am still looking for other looks for the site, something with some pow! something with some kick. I will find something and set it up.

I am going to be making a contacts page real soon!

Until next time.

“Beware the fury of a patient man.” – John Dryden

– Dan