Thursday July 12, 2001

10:17 AM –
Hello Again
well i just woke up and i’m eating TRUE Computer freak food (Oreo Cookies pizza and Soda FOR BREAKFAST) don’t ya love grandparents? well
I do, let’s see today, I am gonna play games sleep and eat. so Peace!

7:14 PM –
I just ate dinner and then I sat and watched TV, were going to the beach tomorrow and we’ll get back on Sunday night and then I’m gonna go to Grandma Fossens (errrg don’t like going there, it’s different) I’m there for 1 night and 1 day then I’m back here heh i like it here….and lets see here I am gonna stop by home sometime next week I’m gonna grab a modem i figure sense there no phone down there at the beach, i don’t think there’s a reason to get a modem this week but I’m gonna be here next week so I’m gonna need internet 🙂

10:21 PM –
Argh, My Q3 Skills aren’t good enough for Hardcore yet I can get 9 out of 10 frags and then I start losing due to loss of concentration!! Argh!
I wish people would not bug me while I’m playing Q3 I dunno what it is I get into a state of mind where i just start Kicking ASS then I lose it and then all is lost and I have no hope of winning ARGH…

Wednesday July 11, 2001

Hello Computer,
yea my day was ok I guess its fun here at the grandparents house….I guess from what I’m hearing I’m getting a haircut soon and this Friday we are going to the beach….I am going to get a modem from home so I can dial up to the net and do stuff online like talk to my friends and stuff then I hope to get a Serial for Dream weaver so I can build my portion of the LoS site called “Merval’s Basement” I am gonna have it look like a basement and stuff and i am gonna try to get it to look like it has been trashed and stuff….(right now) I feel kinda sick i dunno grandma fed me a chili burger with onions and hamburger and cheese and don’t think my tummy liked it or not cause i feel icky and stuff so yea I don’t know how I am gonna feel tomorrow oh well I guess….I am hoping to get a modem tomorrow then throw it in my box and try to at least get it installed cause of the fact
i don’t think we have too many ISA or PCI modems at home we might but as to the fact that they work or not im not sure…….
Oh Monday night Patrick came over after I had fixed his Harddrive (30.9 gigz) and he wanted to see it work and I set it all up and I had it working and then he needed a “Drive Overlay” program or something and that fucked his Hard drive royally heh dumb ass he has to call IBM and lie to see if he can send it back to get a replacement for it….
– Merval (11:00 PM) I’m outta here to play Q3A