Been Too Long.

Well, It has been far too long since my last post.

First off, Yes I am still alive. Slighty beat up, but still alive.

Now, why am I beat up? Uhm well I went to Goldendale, I thought to help bail hay. *buzzer* Wrong! The bailer was busted. So instead we got to setup a hotwire. The cattle kept getting out and roaming around in the streets. Not good.

“YOUCH! Yea, its working!! Whoa! that hurts!”

So for about 2 acres, up and down hill we got to setup this hotwire. We finally get it setup, after I had to climb though a stream to get to the wire and pull it across to the other side. We tie it off and call it done. We hook up the ground next to the stream and the charger to the RV battery, then we hook the cable from the charger to the wire. We test it by touching a hammer to the barbed wire fence and the wire, it pops. Yey! all set. But wait, it’s not a strong zap, I start checking the connection and as I reach for the charger connection and get hit, my arm kicks back my muscle contracts and my arm stiffens. “YOUCH! Yea, its working!! Whoa! that hurts!” All done. We leave and test the far end of it. All works. So all in all 4 hours well spent.

I drove home from Goldendale yesterday. I had no idea you could get KUFO 100 miles from here. I listened to Cort, Boomer and Fatboy then Marconi and Kristine the whole way I drove home. The signal was faint in Centervillie, which is where I was staying. But in Goldendale its a strong signal.

So anyway! I am still looking for other looks for the site, something with some pow! something with some kick. I will find something and set it up.

I am going to be making a contacts page real soon!

Until next time.

“Beware the fury of a patient man.” – John Dryden

– Dan